About me, with a little bit of a story. 

I grew up mainly in Texas, climbing trees, riding bikes and creating a weekly scene in the neighborhood. The only classes I was "great" at were the painting and art classes. Always submitting my pieces to art showings and just trying to get better at the things I liked, because that's what I was best at; getting good, mastering a skill to perfection and never giving up. Every fine detail in doing anything was a staple fundamental around the Greek Manelis house. Graduating with an engineering degree in Computer Science had it's "creative" parts, but it just didn't cut it for me; I needed more. Climbing, traveling and ultimately, more climbing lead to injury and a need to keep myself immersed in this creative loop spawned the camera. I knew that I wanted to look back at everything I had done and relive those experiences. That is my goal with photography, creating images that tell a story. Whether that story is one perfect single moment of bliss, or it's an image that is only the beginning of what is the fruition of the entire experience. In the end, the camera is just a new medium fueled by my earliest desire of creating and mastering. With photography, there is never an end all point of mastery, only my obsession and insoluble desire to continue to push the limits of what I see, how I see it and how I present it to you. 

Feel free to reach out or drop me a message. I'm always happy to hear from anyone doing something awesome :)