Alexander R. Manelis


University of Texas at San Antonio – 2005-2010 B.S. Computer Science (Security), minor Business

The Woodlands High school – 2000-2004


Interests/Practices: Ruby, Rails, Javascript (jQuery, Angular). MySQL/Postgres and Mongodb. Linux administration and provisioning with Ansible/Chef, other tools used: Jenkins and Travis. Full unit/integration automation and testing with Rspec and Capybara. 

Work History – Web service to organically grow your Instagram following by liking photos under specific hash tags. This tool was built heavily around the Instagram API. It also enabled brands and businesses to link their Instagram photos to actual product detail/purchase pages or blog posts. Saturate was my main focus for 6 months before Instagram revoked our API access disabling the service to our 50+ customers. Role: Founder. – At True&Co I worked as a software developer on backend and deployment services. This site is 100% e-commerce, which required us to focus on building features and tools that were to produce the maximum conversion rate at checkout. Some of the things I built were deployment modules and specific tasks using Ansible. Credit card processing mediums including Stripe and PayPal with a full abstraction layer for processing our payments internally was a larger project I worked on. – At Signifyd, my duties were to help manage the backend services written in Java and Ruby and as well manage their deployment and provisioning system. About 6 months into my employment there, I re built their deployment service using Chef and ruby scripts running on a Jenkins CI server. The scripts (with the help of Chef) managed all the AWS instances and on each push to GIT it would provision new API servers within minutes. This job was mainly remote work as our team was spread throughout the United States. 

Console.FM – Founder and Software Engineer. We developed a crawling and ranking system that finds and aggregates popular trending music across the web and sorts by Genres displayed on the site for listeners. Built this using Ruby on Rails and Google closure for JavaScript on the front end. The entire project was funded and accelerated through the Mountain View investment firm, 500 Startups. – Phone marketing company. Allowed customers to create vanity phone numbers we tracked in a Rails application. I was a full stack software engineer responsible for managing the Ruby on Rails application that was the web portal for their clients. (PHP, Ruby on Rails) – A college exam database where students can upload and share old exams. Originally the largest test bank in the US with over 200k exams. Free Test Bank was shut down due to legal issues. This was launched in my dorm room and started out of a need to study and better prepare for exams. Role: Founder. 

MSA Lab, UTSA – Dr. Can Saygin. Developed a real time dashboard for an experimental manufacturing line. It reported production status and errors, as well as managed a large rack of servers that hosted university specific domains. Built this using JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

ACE Lab, UTSA – Dr. Mo Jamshidi. Helped by constructing autonomous robots (mainly building hardware). Then moved on to writing an application that would allow for total control of a non-autonomous robot via the Internet from any remote location with a web browser. Read more here, and photos here. Built this using LabView and a PHP web application to connect to the robot’s server on board the unit. 

Software Projects

Railsgrind – This was created to solve the frustration of provisioning and deployment by Ruby on Rails developers. This service allowed a developer to create a pre built AWS instance ready to host a Rails application setup with a specified HTTP server. Brought the build time down to 15 minutes vs. hours to setup an AWS instance ready to host a Rails application. Very similar to the Heroku service.

Baboon – A ruby package to help Rails developers deploy their application to an AWS instance easier. Its requirements of a server are very simply. Fill out a small yaml file based on your application's settings and dependencies. Deploys with simple commands. 

Vaccum – A front end error logging application. Include a small snippet of Javascript on your site, any front end JS errors get logged to Vacuum for debugging later. Project is still live, but the code is open sourced and the code can be found here

Servers – Built a data center in my dorm room to host about 15 sites I created for clients and as well Built and managed a few racks of servers during a college internship for UTSA EE department.

Security – During a security class in college, I built a cluster of servers to compute and crack passwords faster than just running on a single machine. This was achieved by using clustering techniques I learned from doing summer independent studies with on distributed computing. 

Security - Developed a TCP/IP three-way handshake implementation (written in C), to replay a 3-way handshake attack. That project can be found here: